Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to preserve a husband

A breakfast stop at a local diner led me to an interesting "wild idea"

Ok, so the quality of the photo isn't that great, but who can resist that title?  "How to preserve a husband."  And the drawing of the husband in the preserves jar... a-ha!

Alexander Henry's version of "husband"?  Well, whatever the definition of these boys, this is the sort of image that came into my mind with the How to Preserve a Husband recipe.

Well, those images and that recipe and the thought of "preserving" them in jars of some sort.  You know exactly the sort: bug jar!

Apparently, there is a bug jar quilt inside me waiting to emerge.  This is the second bug jar idea that has come up--but I've always wondered who buys those Alexander Henry pinup boys, and what exactly they make with them.

How To Preserve A Husband

First, use care and get one not too young, but tender and a healthy growth.  Make your selection carefully and let it be final, otherwise they will not keep.   Do not pickle or put in hot water, this makes them sour.  Like wine they sweeten with age.
Prepare as follows: Sweeten with smiles according to variety. The sour bitter kind are improved by a pinch of common sense.  Spice with patience. Wrap will in a mantle of charity. Preserve over a good fire of steady devotion. Serve with peaches and cream.
Note:  The poorest varieties maybe improved by this process and keep for years in any climate.

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