Friday, October 12, 2012

Visible Progress

Been busy of late.  Something about the master's thesis.  Let's just say that I will finally get a degree, my stress levels have decreased significantly already, and my dad will soon begin asking, "What are you going to do with your degree, honey?"

Which is a long way of saying: haven't done much sewing lately.
Layout of blocks with sashing & cornerstone audition

So I went to stitch-n-bitch this week to work on buck-a-block baby quilt # 2.  I was a-sewin' away, just happy to be with the gals, and making progress on the sashing detail.
Got 17 pieces of sashing to add these flying geese to, and I am well on my way.  But at some point during the evening, I just wanted to see *visible progress*.

So I switched gears: back to the "wallhanging with words" project, inspired by Tonya Ricucci's book Word Play Quilts.  Mmm, yummy words.  I have had all the individual letters done for quite some time, but knew it would take many small seams to get the letters put into words.

So surprised that I could finish FOUR words.  Yes, I had been adding bits and pieces to the individual letters (using them as leaders and enders for other sewing), but it's always lovely to see when things come together.
Detail of the masterful job I did of getting the directional gingham going alongside the wonky letter "o".  The book had good tips for making that happen.

Pretty pleased with myself.  The remaining two words are a bit longer than three letters each, but I have that sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing visible progress on a long-dormant project.

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