Saturday, October 27, 2012

Buck-a-block 2013 - we're off

What was I thinking?  Signed up for buck-a-block again this year.  The promise was that the blocks would be smaller, and the colorway would be neutral.  (Yay, I won't have to exchange each month's fabrics for something more appealing from my stash!)

Well, I hadn't seen a sample before the first month's block was handed out.  Not that I don't think it's cute, now that I've seen it.  It's just... is this really a project I want to do?

Wow, those neutrals sure are neutral.  The pattern is "Cat's Cradle", taken from 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks (That Patchwork Place).  The block will be 9" finished.

The idea is to finish the block with an outer 3" border (making a 15" block) in fabrics of your choice.  Use up your stash.  Several color choices are shown, from colorful/scrappy, to tone-on-tone, or two-color in light-half/dark-half or alternating arrangements

To claim next month's block for only $1, I just need to complete the center portion.  Don't need to make any decisions right now about an overall color scheme.  Or project.  Which is good, because my current excitement is for a certain rainbow-themed t-shirt quilt.

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