Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sewing AND a workout

Sweetie spent some quality time sewing last week, while I was finishing my big fat quilt project.  I heard from the other room, "Well, at least this way I'm getting a workout with my sewing."  I had to go investigate.
We have one of those bistro-height dining table and chair sets, meaning you can't touch the ground when you are seated there.  Well, that's the table that the second sewing machine got set up on.

So, how does one sew when one can't reach the foot pedal?
Can you see the foot pedal squeezed between the thighs?  So clever.  And functional.

And what was this fabulous sewing project that Sweetie tackled?  Capes!  For the adult superhero or superhero-in-training.
Made from a lovely Alexander Henry rainbow stripe (we love rainbows in our house!), the design was cropped, so the cape wouldn't get caught up on foreign objects, and made to attach via safety pins directly to one's running bra.  So clever again...
After the race, the capes were a bit worse for the wear, but held up remarkably well, even protecting the face and head from barbed wire attack on one of the obstacles.  (The Laundry Fairy reports that they came back to brilliant technicolor after a simple washing.)

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