Friday, September 7, 2012

Alaskan fabric

A bit of tidying up in the sewing room, and I found fabric that I had purchased on our recent Alaskan trip.  Stopped in two different quilt shops:

Both specialize in Alaskan-themed prints and patterns, as they are located in busy tourist areas overrun by the cruise ship crowds all summer.  Since I was beginning to explore ideas for "the next quilt project" as we were on vacation, it was hard to only stay in each store for an "appropriate" (to the non-quilter, at least) amount of time.
I ended up buying prints from a line called Animal Spirits, by Robert Kaufman.  I got the black-and-white first, with each animal bordered so they could be used individually.  I just loved the Tlingit/totemic appearance of the animals, and was pleased at the assortment of animals offered.
By the time we got to Seaward, I had discovered the artwork of Sue Coccia, the artist who designed the fabrics.  I loved her coloring books (don't the black-and-white animal fabrics just beg to get colored in?) and calendars and stationary.  I won't reveal here who is getting what from my souvenir shopping, but I love her artwork!
'Nuff said.  Fabric for the stash that is beautiful and inspirational: my fabric souvenirs.

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