Monday, September 24, 2012

How long 'til dinner?

I continue to be an anthropologist, watching how Sweetie--born organized, compulsively tidy, and with infinite patience for my lack of these qualities--manages the household chores.

So... How long 'til dinner?
Would you believe 5 hours?  This is the scene from the weekend, when we had some friends over for a little dinner party.  Table was set for dinner as soon as the lunch fixin's were put away.
Really, I am still amazed.  The staging was done so far ahead of time that there was little late-afternoon hustle and bustle.  Sure, a bit of a flurry near the stove, but none of the other heart-stopping, stress-filled activity that makes dinner parties too much for me to take on.
And a lovely evening was had by all.  (I gotta learn how to be like this in my planning and preparation.)

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