Thursday, June 21, 2012

Seasonally-appropriate sewing

Summer has arrived, time to create the *wishlist of super-human accomplishment* in the sewing arena.  This includes ideas on what will get done in time to be entered in the County Fair (always aspirational more than realistic).

And, as I'm getting bored of looking at some WIPs taking up residence in the sewing room, time to retire projects to UFO-land and replace them with other UFOs that are somehow "more worthy".  Why now?  Well, the change of seasons, for one.  I just don't have the oomph to work on some items out-of-season.

Double-knit, soft-as-a-bunny's-bottom (15% angora), cowl-neck long-sleeve dress.  Why work to finish a dress I can't wear until fall or winter?  Back to the bins it goes.

This Santa is getting a new robe and gown.  I really want to enter him in the County Fair, but don't know if I can muster the necessary "git 'er done".  I'm on the fence on this one.  (He's so darn cute!  Keeps winking at me...)

Which one would you rather work on in June: tiki dress or novelty sweatshirt?  Both have sleeve issues, which shouldn't mean months of work, but I know myself.  There's a reason my UFO list is miles long: I get so close to done, then fizzle out in the home stretch.

Not pictured, but more prime examples of seasonal-sewing:
  • sun hats for toddlers (which niece or nephew gets them will depend on whether they get done this summer or next)
  • a wool melton cape that needs lining in the hood and a pocket re-vamp
  • the rainbow t-shirt that I said needed work after last year's annual race
So the sewing room shelves are in flux, as some incomplete items get stored away for another season, and some hopefuls get brought back into the fray.  May my sewing be re-invigorated by "new" old projects!

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