Friday, June 29, 2012

Not "no", but "not now"

I attended the Black Sheep Gathering this past weekend - a festival of fleece, spinning, felting, knitting, and all things fiber.  I'm not that much of a knitter, but I have some yarn-related projects on my bucket list.  And I can drool over fabulous yarns all day long.

I congratulated myself on resisting the pull of lace patterns, soft, amazing yarns, books (new ideas!), and knitting-related accoutrements.  This year I am focused on having less stuff, so expanding my mostly-sewing focus does not fit in with that goal.

All was fine until I found a class.  A class!  I am a sucker for a class (recall that my first new project this calendar year was the result of a paper-piecing class).  And if I'm ever going to learn the basketweave knitting technique called entrelac, it will probably be from a class. 

So, I grabbed a flyer: Entrelac Workshop from Textiles a Mano.  I tried on the hat sample they had in the booth.  And the idea of this class took up residence in the back of my head.

courtesy of Thistledown Musings blog
My resolve to say "No" to the class was weakened when we passed a booth with a major sale on alpaca yarn: $10 a skein!  I could make a hat in that class with an amazingly soft yarn for only $20 (their non-sale alpaca yarns were $28 each).  How could I resist?  And didn't I need to buy a little extra to add to my stash because, gosh, what an awesome price?

Final decision: it's not the right time.  My decluttering this week has netted a bin full of fabrics that were "an awesome price" when I bought them. 

Not now.  What great words!

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