Saturday, June 2, 2012

Project report for May

The end of the school year is such a hectic time.  All my procrastinating/putting-off and unsightly paperwork buildup comes crashing down on me.  Add in a little extra tap-dancing for the finishing touches on my master's thesis and preparations to "present" it to an audience in June, and I am one crazy woman right now.

Only one project completion in May, the denim-jumper remix.  Mmm, yummy fabric mash-ups.

I managed some longer-term sewing: the 1930's reproduction quilt, and hand-stitching on grandmother's bedspread.  I bought more fabric for napkins (it was on sale! a really good sale...)

Monthly project count...
Completed projects this Month:  1
Completed projects Year to Date:  6
New projects this Month:  none
New projects Year to Date: 6
Discarded/donated projects (farewell!): 2
Net Project Count for 2012: -2

Don't know what June will bring.  The calendar for the month looks pretty busy, but school is out in less than two weeks.  I think I can start the countdown to summer--which always means more sewing time for me.

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