Sunday, June 24, 2012

Quilter's Yard Sale, early version

I signed up for a booth at the Quilter's Yard Sale at Something to Crow About in August.  This was prompted by my bringing four bins of fabric and projects down from the garage attic. 

Aack!  It's easy for me to ignore my UFOs when they are out-of-sight (and thus out-of-mind).  When these UFOs gather together (and in my living room!), it becomes more clear that some things have to go away.

So... the goal is to consolidate the stuff I'm keeping down to one bin.  First candidate: a bin of jeans, saved over many years for making a jeans quilt.  Not currently interested in this idea, and I can probably easily find new "raw materials" when/if the time comes for a jeans quilt.  Topping off this bin is a latch-hook rug canvas and many, many packages of pre-cut wool rug yarn (yikes! that stuff is expensive).  Again- no real interest in making a latch-hook rug, so why do I need to hold onto the supplies for years?

Yay!  One bin down. 
Also on the chopping block: 3 projects not gonna get finished, and going away in their half-assed condition (soft yellow corduroy skirt, rust suede-like tank top, and the beginnings of a jeans book-bag).  You may see one or more of those at the quilter's yard sale.

I feel lighter already.

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