Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My love-affair with boxes

I finally got the stuff I took out for January's quilt retreat put away.  Three boxes of sewing supplies, books/patterns, partially completed projects, and fabric.  In putting some things away, I noticed empty storage that's not being used.  I have boxes and boxes stacked in closets and under beds, but drawers and shelves that are empty or under-used.  Thought I corrected that problem months ago...  Obviously, I have a love affair with the almighty box.

A review of *some* the squirreled-away boxes:
Sewing patterns (bottom box) and misc. sewing supplies (top box).  I have dresser and shelf space reserved for both of these.  And yet the boxes are still around.
The under-the-cutting-table baskets.  Sewing-related items (on left) and contents of a hastily-emptied desk (on right).  These two baskets are on my "tackle over spring break" list.  Maybe this posting will encourage me to finally dispatch them to other homes.
Three boxes of fabric-related projects.  In the guest room closet.  There may be one or two fabric-and-pattern-but-not-cut-out-yet items in there (which don't count as "projects", right?).  Is there a better way to store such things?  A better place?
The floor of same closet.  Bottom box is quilt- and craft-related books (um... bookshelf?), bin and box on right hold more project-y stuff.  It starts to look like I have too many projects, doesn't it?

And now, unused/available storage places that are *not* boxes:
 Oooh, my favorite: the rainbow organizer cart (it's on wheels!)  I have two of them.  Not holding much right now, and certainly what they do hold is not organized.  Sewing patterns?  Sewing notions?  Accoutrements of other crafts (like yarn/embroidery, or scrapbooking, or altered books, or, or...)?

IKEA storage boxes.  Nice size.  Very presentable on bookshelves or room dividers.  Have their own labels.  Yep, everything checks out: these babies are meant for storage.  And there they sit, just waiting for said storage to "happen".

Wood-and-wicker side tables in the living room.  3 drawers apiece.  Only one drawer contains anything: notepad and a pen.

*Sigh*  Too much stuff.  But I can't legitimately complain about "no place to put things"...

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