Tuesday, March 13, 2012

UFO/Project list

I visit a fair number of blogs, and always check in with Scraps-a-Plenty on Sundays, as that is the day Natasha updates a weekly stash report: how much fabric she has used from her stash that week.  She also links to a place where lots of quilters post their weekly stash use (on Patchwork Times).  I am inspired to keep on truckin' by the fact that there are weeks where nothing gets "used", but I read about progress being made on various projects. 

This stash reporting and tracking is supported by stashbuster.com, as part of their UFO Challenge philosophy.  My New Year's Resolution to "have less stuff" has had me contemplating various methods to track my fabric accumulation and use.  I can't participate in the stashbuster version of the challenge, because it is all quilt-related, and most of my UFO/Projects are in the "other sewing" category.  (I have a 3-year timeframe for completing quilts - it fits me, doesn't leave me feeling rushed, and allows me to meander through a quilt project.  What would I gain by trying to complete--as in done done--a quilt project every quarter?)

So... in response to Natasha's post this week, I counted my completed projects for this year.
Well, since I was hoping to finish (as in done done) at least one project per month for the year, I seem to be on track with three completed items.  However, all of the projects listed were started in 2012.  I hadn't even conceived of the fleece blankie/wraps or the dresser scarf when the year started.  So, I have not made any inroads in my project backlog.  *Sad face*

I have to make some progress on those long-suffering PiGS (projects in grocery sacks).  Here is my new (monthly, not weekly) project report.  I am reporting it as of the end of February, so I can update it at the end of March.

Completed projects this Month:  1
Completed projects Year to Date:  3
New projects this Month:  none
New projects Year to Date: 6
Discarded/donated projects (farewell!): 1
Net Project Count for 2012: 2

Goal is to have the net count be negative.  I can do it! 

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