Thursday, March 1, 2012

I made felt!

Christmas present from my dear daughter was to take a class together--class to be named later. We have taken several classes together over the years: beading, wire wrapping, bellydance (to name a few).  She is crafty and creative, has all the enthusiasm of youth, and is nerdy and loves to learn new things (like mother, like daughter).

Well, the delayed Christmas present happened this week at the Eugene Textile Center.  We made felt!

In a 2-hour class, with fabulous instruction, we took merino wool from roving to a finished rectangle of felt.  We got to make all the choices of color and pattern, including embellishing with yarn.  This could be a paralyzing level of choice for me, but I think I managed to come through picking a color scheme and design without too much angst.

Front side: my take on argyle
Reverse side: teal and purple ombre
The process of making felt is surprisingly not difficult.  I am still a bit sore in the upper body from the 20-minutes of rolling the wet-and-soapy mass over a pool noodle.  (Okay, also the 10-minutes of repeatedly throwing the almost-completed felt onto the table.)  Tiring, but not difficult.

What will I make with my 10" by 12" rectangle of felt?  Not sure.  Not committed yet (thus, I haven't gotten myself into project-mode; not one little bit).  Maybe a potholder/hotpad.  Maybe a case for my new, giant sunglasses.  Maybe a small bag/pouch.  (Not baby booties: i declined the free pattern offered to me by our instructor.  Don't need a project like that.)

For now, my lovely felt rectangle is hanging on the pegboard in my sewing room.  It's pretty.  And I made it!

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