Monday, March 26, 2012

March Buck-a-block pattern

New month, new block pattern.  This one is called "Country Path", taken from The Farmer's Wife.  I chose to use the red stripe provided this month (it will be the background, shown as purple on the pattern), and thus supplement with pinks and blacks.

I hand colored some block mock-ups, trying to decide whether the pink or the black should be the little triangles that form a star shape.  And just how strong should my color choices be?  I got lots of good feedback from last month's block, which had less contrast and simpler fabric choices than I tend to prefer.  Subtle doesn't seem to be the direction I usually go...

pink for the triangles; two blacks

black for the triangles; two pinks
As always, I fret over the tiniest questions within each block.  I have some fancy cutting to do to get all the stripes running the same way, as I think the stripe is dominant enough that having it run all the same direction is important to the overall block not looking too busy.

Did I mention that fabric auditions are one of my favorite activities?  So much dreaming, so little doing...

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