Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spoonflower: my newest obsession

OK, I don't know whether being obsessed with things is a true ADD trait, but I certainly can waste some time/brain energy/internet bandwidth on whatever my latest obsession-of-the-moment is.

Discovered while reading the Sew Mama Sew blog: Spoonflower, a site that lets you design your own fabric!  They print it out for you.  They will even offer your custom-designed fabric up for sale to others.  Immediately got sucked into browsing the "cut-and-sew patterns" section--which contains over 1,000 designs. 

Caught my eye:
  • "My very first time traveler book" - a Dr. Who inspired fabric children's alphabet book
  • "Baby's book of computer science" - omg cute-&-nerdy! fabric book with flaps to illustrate binary numbers and other elementary computer programming concepts
  • "Vintage camera bag" - fabric sews into a small purse that looks just like an old-fashioned camera
And... after many oohs and aahs, I got started thinking about what fabric I might design.  (In my non-existent free time...)  Two projects came to mind, projects I have wanted to piece myself, but which could be "cut-and-sew".

"Hurry Up, Pizza Man" - an interactive children's book and activity kit

"pepperoni" made out of plastic bottle caps

Three Wise Men dolls made out of Kente cloth.

Not to worry, I'm not currently planning to start a new career as a fabric designer.  I just get a little excited/obsessed about new and creative things.  I'll keep Spoonflower in mind if I get to the place of truly wanting this particular vision to become a reality.

As always, so many ideas, so little time

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