Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Birthday present: sewing-room organization

My Sweetie surprised me with tools to organize and beautify my sewing room!  I can no longer call it a "cave" --it's too pretty, spacious and open for that.

Before: this table is where I do my cutting and pinning.  I have BOTM blocks up on the wall for inspiration and beauty.  My dear son bought me an ironing pad for Christmas, so I can do quick pressing here also.  White board has to-do list and other notes.

After: same-same, but better!  Let me take you on a tour of my more-organized sewing space.

Solution for making any table into cutting-height: bed risers!  Not originally my idea, but works great.  They are sturdy and stable, and raise the table just enough to make it a more comfortable height.  An inexpensive, reversible conversion.  Notice that my ironing pad (and travel cutting mat) got its own hook to hang on the wall. 

The centerpiece of my new organizational system: a pegboard!  I can now hang up (and find!) three pairs of scissors, two rotary cutters, a tape measure, various sizes of Omnigrid rulers (including a new rotating one), and still see recently-completed blocks.  The block-hanging system consists of using binder clips to attach individual blocks to straight pegs (see one in bottom left corner; I need to get more binder clips for other blocks).  Ordered pegboard baskets online, so more will be stored on this wall soon.  There's room to the right for hanging my white-board, but I'm not ready to commit yet.  Maybe after I get rid of one of those boxes in the corner...

And finally--a really large cutting mat!  It looks like I'll need a longer ruler.  Also showing off my thread-catcher hanging off the edge of the table (thanks to fellow quilt-buddy Dwynn Nichols for this adorable and useful design).

Oh my, I am a lucky Birthday Grrl.   Thank you, family, for supporting my hobby.

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