Monday, January 16, 2012

Clutter corner: one step forward

Spent big chunks of time in the garage this weekend, with the goal of getting long-term storage items (including Christmas) put *up* and out of the way.  I was able to get all the "memorabilia" boxes separated into bins, labeled for each child, out of the house and into new homes in the garage attic. 
 So the corner seen here should now be clean, right?  (This was the picture day after Christmas: four boxes of miscellaneous "memorabilia")

Well, that's where the one step forward comes into play.  In those bountiful hours in the garage, many bins were opened, examined, cataloged, and shifted about.  I got to visit most of my fabric-based UFOs and project boxes; put them all in one place.  (There are 9 bins, in case you are keeping count.  Year-long goal to have fewer of them by the end of 2012.)

The new incarnation of the pile in the corner is two bins of paperwork and office-like items that I discovered in the garage re-vamp. 

Baby steps: those papers didn't accumulate in a day, and they won't get cleaned up in a day either.  There's still a pile in the corner, but it is part of my overall decluttering process.

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