Wednesday, January 13, 2016

First finish: one placemat

Voila!  The first finish of 2016 is on display.

A single placemat.  Paper-pieced, from a pattern I designed, using Sushi Roll fabrics (Asian fabric mini-bundles sold at New Pieces quilt shop).  The background fabric is more of a long-stashed navy twill that I used in a table runner last year.

The reason for a single placemat?  Well, you see, prototype.  Test of concept.  Plus, I wanted to get it done.  Back in November, in time for a Shop Hop.  Didn't happen, obviously.  So now it needs a mate, as the display options for one placemat is limited.

it's reversible, thanks to careful fabric purchasing

Wouldn't you know, making more placemats is really not in my plans at the moment.  According to my New Year's resolution, I have to finish 2 things for every new start--and that's not the item I'm itching to start this month.

Oh well.  Orphan it will be for now.  But a FINISHED orphan, at least!

Fabric stash used: 1/4 yard (only counting the navy, as the backing and binding fabrics were purchased for this project)

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