Monday, January 4, 2016

Finishing Details

Here are the bits and pieces that got completed during Christmas break (hand-stitching that I brought along with me to Oregon--yay, for once that strategy worked!)

All of them involved just the tiniest of finishing steps.  But, you know, those pesky details can just sit and sit (at least in my sewing world).

Clockwise, from top left:
Gah - can't I take a better picture?


"Morning Walk Headband Earwarmer" a free pattern available on Ravelry.  Begun in November 2014, I finished the knitting portion AND the crochet edging before the end of football season (January).

And there it sat.

Bought the cute moose button (seen in collage above) in July.  Wasn't until I went to a meeting of the Oakland Stitch and Bitch Group that I got the ends tucked in.

Just one button! Finished in December, and worn almost daily in the chilly Oregon weather.

Mystery Cube Puzzle

This feels like an ancient project--the prototype cube/block puzzle that I started in 2013 to see if the concept would work, before making one out of the Get a Clue with Nancy Drew fabric line.

I got far enough on this version to make adjustments and corrections so that the showcase version would approach perfection--but I didn't finish this one!

Lots and lots of hand stitching.  Tedious.

This cube was made out of fabric scraps--nothing larger than fat quarters. Fussy cutting made the 3 interior scenes super cute and kid-friendly!

Neck Ruff/cowl   
 Well, seems like I called this one "finished" back when I posted about it in March.  But I was too quick on the draw--didn't buy the buttons until July, and finally stitched them in place in December. Ah well, I do get ahead of myself sometimes...

Pi cowl worn with Pi t-shirt
Pi cowl

Lightning fast! Started in September, with yarn purchased in July.  Finished the knitting shortly after I posted my progress in November.  I knew I would need assistance to finish, as the Kitchener stitch was something I had never attempted.  The close-up in the collage at the top of this post shows my seamless join (can you tell which color was used for joining?)

YouTube--and my friend Tree--to the rescue!  I had the toughest time getting the steps down, even though they were very basic, and the video was clear.  Thought I was a visual learner, but I finally had to write down the steps, rather than just replaying the same 30 seconds of video.

This was another warm and helpful item to have with me in Oregon.  Win.

How do these items appear on my list of UFO's to finish?  (Sometimes I cheat and call things done before they are done done.)

Well, THREE of them are accounted for.  (The 4th one wasn't started in August, when I took stock.)

Proud of myself there.  I may not have gotten my UFO's down to single digits (a 2015 goal), but I finished the year in great style.

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