Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Goals for November

My little brain is running away with me lately—can’t figure out whether I’m coming or going.  Which is why I’m taking a cue from many of my bloggy friends (chiefly Barbara) and setting some goals.

What do I want to accomplish in the month of November?   

  • Does this list seem reasonable to accomplish, when exposed to the light of day? 
  • If I list things out, will I go back and check my list when I get distracted?

1.  Finish fluffy rag blanket.
Just a couple more seams, then the slicing and fluffing can finish ‘er up.

2.  Make one placemat.
Just one? Why yes, this is the prototype for a whole set of placemats to be paper-pieced from a sushi roll collection of Asian fabrics.  Want one done to show off at the quilt shop during our upcoming shop hop.

3.  Make napkins.  Many napkins.
Several folks are getting cloth napkins as Christmas gifts this year.  Won’t spoil the surprise by showing the actual fabrics or the intended recipients, but you probably know who you are…

4.  Finish crochet rag rug.
About halfway done with this, but I put it far, far aside for most of the year.  It was meant as a gift back in the spring—ha!  Fear not, Christmas looms.

5.  Make 20 blocks for 1930’s patchwork quilt.
I need to make progress on some UFO’s.  This one is still in the “easy piecing” stage, so I thought I’d put it back on my radar.

6.  Finish Pi cowl.
My Monday Knit Football project, this baby is coming along.  Can’t remember whether I need 22, 24 or 26” before I attach the two ends, but I see the light at the end of this nerdy tunnel.

7.  Hem altar cloths.
A task that was bequeathed to me.  Should get it done before the chapel needs them for holiday celebrations.

BONUS Points?

My students would always ask me about extra credit, so here’s a couple items thrown in just for fun.  May or may not go in this direction.

8.  Banana pencil case

9.  Minion surprise
OOPS, I forgot about these “required” items:

10.  Blocks for quilt guild.  I am 3 months behind; however did that happen?
11.  Alternate triangle samples for December Triangle Techniques class.
12.  Black and white BOM for December January.  Have to stay at least one month ahead of my students!

Gad zooks!  What a list.  

If I take half a week off for Thanksgiving preparations and celebrations, and spend minimal time in the sewing room while it is being used as a guest room by our invited guest, will I come up with any time to sew in November?

I feel like I’m picking small, manageable projects.  But the cumulative effect of twelve such projects might negate the whole manageable notion.

Wish me luck.  And if you feel like weighing in about whether I’m truly living in Magical Wishful Thinking Land with what I hope to get done in November, I always welcome a Voice of Reason.


  1. I hope you get everything done that you have planned and I hope the same for me. I guess the good news is that we are overly ambitious when it comes to projects and that makes life fun.

  2. Alla ~ When you put your mind to it you can do it. I know you can!