Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Modest Goals for 2016

Gotta write 'em down, or I can't remember them they don't count, right?

After setting ambitious goals for 2015, which did not mesh with the reality of quitting my job, moving, and spending months in a sad mental state, I'm ready to set some crafty goals for 2016 that can be accomplished.

1.  Finish 3 large quilts.

The ones I have in mind are all quilts that have been started.  Two of them are almost done with the piecing.  Let's see some pom-poms come out for the finish line!

2.  Buy no fabric for the first 6 months of the year.

This is next-to-impossible for me lately.  The fabrics--and the ideas they generate--really set up a chorus in my head every time I step into the quilt shop where I work.  My one "out" for this resolution is if I need a fabric for a project I am actively working on, and that fabric is the only thing that will let me move forward.

3.  Finish two projects for each new start.
I have so many UFOs that lay in scary, shadowy forms: on the floor, in the corners, teetering on the shelves, ready to pounce.  I already have four at the top of my list to finish this month (so I can start the 2 new things that I just gotta cut into!)

4.  Complete at least 8 garments.
This goal will be a challenge.  The only "garments" sewn by me last year were 2 aprons.  To help my mojo in this direction, I have joined the uber-talented folks at Make a Garment a Month (currently on Facebook).

5.  Write a pattern.
C'mon, I am teaching a Block of the Month class at the quilt shop, how much more work can it be to write up a pattern for one of the amazing designs in my head?

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  1. You've set some lofty goals. I would do okay with the fabric purchase one (I have so much fabric already, I just shop in my stash). But the goal to finish two things for each project you start would be a challenge. More power to you!!!