Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ugly Fabric/Pretty Block

My LQS does an Ugly Fabric block challenge for April Fool's day.  Last year the fabric wasn't so very ugly: a soft yellow with burgundy/pink swirls and such. 

A pretty block from last year's "ugly" fabric challenge

I made one of my paper-pieced teacups from it, and was pleased with the results.

Last year's blocks put together: see my teacup?

This year, I really think the fabric is ugly: brownish/orange-ish, kinda low-volume, but not in a way I consider pretty.

My block:  I had in mind a 3D technique on a rather traditional block but then I got distracted...

Adventures in BlogLand:  I stumbled across a Peter Rabbit tutorial on The Crafty Quilter.  It seemed so perfect: the recent Easter holiday and my abundant scrap bin would both be represented.  My previous experience with square piecing on one of the Christmas aprons, as well as my cat applique on the Relaxing Robin, taught me a few things about placement of fabrics in a "random" pattern.  Pretty good looking face on that bunny, I'd say.

There are over 50 blocks in this year's Ugly Fabric Block challenge.  I think some of the blocks entered are not beautiful, but some of them really caught my eye.  I think the little birds above are my favorite--but they don't use enough of the challenge fabric!  So my vote goes to the block on the right.  (Don't know the name of that pattern, but I like it.)

How would you have used this Ugly Fabric?

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  1. loving them. it is funny how ugly to one can be beautiful to another. love the bunny. he is soooooo adorable!