Monday, March 6, 2017

Finish-It February Redux

Back by popular demand: Finish-it February has morphed into Finish-it March. Doesn't quite have the same alliterative ring to it, but I am committed.  It's gonna happen.

The impetus for this?  I counted the WIPs/UFOs that were littering overtaking my sewing room at the end of January.  The count: 32.
Sew very messy: needs a Tidy Fairy
32?  Whaaat??  Something is definitely out of whack.  New projects keep joining the party--except that after so many move in, it's really not much of a party.  More like a horror movie.

PiGS = Projects in Grocery Sacks

So Sweetie came up with the suggestion, "How about if you declare a Finish-It February?"  Great idea!  There were some February finishes (I'll blog about them, really I will), but there is certainly room for more.  I think this calls for a written plan:

Goals for March

1.  Finish nerdy t-shirt Pop-up
Bitten by the recycling/up-cycling bug, I've been so enamored of all-things t-shirt.  But unfortunately, not much more than one t-shirt baby quilt has gotten finished.

2.  Finish kimono wallhanging
Started in September when I was getting ready to teach an Intro to Paper Piecing class.  Gonna teach again in April--let's get that class sample done, eh?

3.  Finish kimono placemat
This item is least important for March... as long as I actually get the kimono wallhanging to the flimsy stage.

4.  Finish blocks for Circles Block of the Month
Only 5 months left in this 12-month adventure!  This goal is about having class samples ready; no need to get the quilt top made this month.  I have high hopes.

5.  Finish Grandmother's fan pillow
So darn close to being done: just need to put a back on it and stuff that pillow form inside.

There you go: a modest list.  I think this represents a welcome maturing of my ability to set realistic goals.  And yet...

I'm so tempted to work on other things.  Prime example: there's a new pattern in my cubby at work... But having this list to refer back to will be so helpful as the month progresses.  Wish me luck!