Monday, July 2, 2012

Rainbow bug jar idea

I heard a quilt called "bottled rainbows" recently, and thought immediately of bug jar quilts, like this one by Joan Pladek of Pennsylvania.
And, since this is a place for ideas I might want to use later, here is a link to a bug jar quilt tutorial.

This is the original "bottled rainbows" quilt from Angela Pingel's blog Cut to Pieces
Here's what I love about it: the progression of vibrant rainbow colors from one corner across the quilt; the bright white setting off each section of color; the controlled scrappiness.  Mmm, it's so yummy!

And then more thinking about bugs and rainbows ensued...

What about a different paper-pieced bug in each jar?
Like this dragonfly and bee from Megan at megsmonkeybeans

Or a ladybug (with pattern and tutorial!) from Teri Emerson at handiwerx

But then, how would the bugs "stand out" against the various scrappy background fabrics in each jar?  Or would each bug be made in one of the rainbow colors, with a dark or neutral for the jar, and each jar's frame (background?) be a continuation of that block's assigned rainbow color?

And what about using a rainbow stripe fabric (one such fabric last seen on Oakie's visor)?  Does that have any place in a "rainbow bug jar" quilt?

Wild ideas, for sure.

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  1. Hi Alla!
    Somehow I had missed your comment on my blog, sorry! I am glad you like the ladybugs and hope you can use them in your quilt. Send me the link, if you do! :)