Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ugly Fabric, Cute Block

2016 "ugly" fabric
My fave quilt shop in Oregon, Something to Crow About, is holding their Ugly Fabric block challenge yet again.

And they let me play along from afar!

Here is the fabric swatch they sent me...

What do you think?  My first thought was, "That's not ugly!"

Every year, the chosen fabric has a bit of brown to it: in 2013, it was a brownish pink on yellow; in 2014, a very orange-y brown melange; last year, browns with purple.  I see some echoes of brown-with-purple in this year's fabric... but the total effect is just so much more lovely.

I saw this paper-pieced sneaker pattern in a 2010 magazine I recently got from a friend.  I thought it was super-cute, and would be a way to highlight the fabric. 

What can I say... I am charmed with my own work!

How might you use this fabric in a block?  (Or even, how might you use it in a whole project or quilt?)

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