Monday, April 11, 2016

Guild Blocks

Keeping track of finishes, here are my completed BOM blocks for quilt guild for the past couple months.  My attendance at guild has been spotty (Saturdays are hard), so I have more of a backlog of blocks owed than just these two...

First up: Crowning Glory, directions available from Quilter's Cache.  Thought I was very clever to use TWO Y2K/millennium fabrics (the black and the white) from my stash with the purple solid here.  Wish I could say I used them up--but nah, not happening.

Next: Balkan Puzzle, again find directions at Quilter's Cache.  I really like the strong on-point square in this block, but it almost didn't show up: turns out that color placement really makes a difference here.  I originally had the orange and lighter maroon fabrics swapped.  Not the same block at all.  (Sorry I didn't take a picture, you'll have to trust me.)

I miss the regularity of BOM.  Guess I could just try and keep up, whether or not I go to guild that month, right?

Do you have a block-making schedule?

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  1. I really like the purple with black combination. The black has enough white so there is a subtle contrast that make me linger longer. The visual effect is great. Yes, I have Y2K fabrics still in my stash too.