Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bed Sheet, Circa 1980

This is a sheet.  

Last seen in March 2015, when I started crocheting a rug with 1" strips torn from said sheet.

Size Q crochet hook
 Proud to say that I completed the rug!  Used up all of the focal sheet, plus a couple rounds from a cream-colored flannel sheet, and a bit of dark teal sheet as the outer border.

How big would you say this is?
 As I was working with the teal, I was determined to use as much of it as I could.  How to know which row would be my last?  I learned a trick from my sister about working with leftover bits of yarn.  So I tried it out...

I weighed the ball at the beginning of a row; it weighed 157 grams.

After one row of crochet border, it weighed 63 grams.  So, one round used 157-63=94 grams of "yarn".  And I didn't have another 94 grams left on the ball, so I called it done at that point.

Hope that the intended recipient likes it.  These rugs-from-sheets are pretty durable--I already have a couple in my house.  I encourage everyone to try one of these!

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  1. that's a great idea. I've been collecting old t-shirts to make crochet bathmats, but haven't got round to it yet. There is a flaw in your weighing your ball of yarn trick - it works for rows, but not for rounds as they use a bit more yarn each time.