Sunday, February 28, 2016

Leftover Minky

A scrap project inserted itself in my February ToDo list--and it's so cute!

A blogging acquaintance alerted me to this project: a triangular neck pillow.  (Free pattern and instructions at the link.) The theme is scrapbusting; this adorable pillow could be made from some unusual scraps.  Yay!

I had some Minky leftover from a couple projects: a fluffy lap blanket and a full-size bed blanket that I made for a Christmas present.  What does one do with long, narrow lengths of fluffy goodness?

Well, it turns out that the pattern pieces perfectly fit what I got had. Even the Echino prints used on one of the three sides were scraps--although I haven't yet made the bag I originally cut out of their yardage. Finally, the lengths of ribbon and twill tape used as handles were also from stash.

Such a win!

And what will happen to these soft, scraptastic pillows?  Well, it just so happens that I have a red eye cross-country flight coming up. And I didn't own a travel pillow... until now.

I'll be sure and report back on how it works out for me.

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