Friday, February 19, 2016

BOM: The votes are in

I teach the Block of the Month group (BOM) at my shop.  This year, the theme is traditionally-pieced, very star-heavy blocks, using black-and-white fabrics with a white background.  To make each project unique, the color palette is to be supplemented by each participant--some are using the same accent fabric all year, and some are making it colorful (like my samples!)

audition blocks...
We are six months into this 12-month project, and I let the participants decide on which blocks they wanted to complete for the remainder of the year.

I made 5 blocks at retreat in January

And another 5 blocks during the first week of February

The BOM group voted at February's session.  They were very thoughtful in their choices, and so that's what we're gonna sew up.

Wanna play along & learn these blocks?

I had my reasons for making up different block samples, mostly having to do with techniques to teach.  (Oh, and a couple of them were just plain cute.)  What I didn't take into consideration so much was how the 12 blocks were going to play together in a single quilt/project.  I think this is what I was missing--my gals helped me to focus on the whole, not just the cute individual bits.

Techniques still to learn: piecing along diagonal rows; no-waste flying geese; quarter-square triangle; and more uses of folded corners.

I'm excited for the rest of this year!

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