Monday, June 8, 2015

Me-Made May: Strong Finish

Done with the month of May.  So how did it go?

With one day's exception, I wore something every single day during May that fit the spirit of Me-Made.  And I didn't resort to wearing my Me-Made pajamas extra-long into the daytime and calling it good, either.  I stretched.  I challenged.  I completed my pledge to wear at least one self-made or restyled item each day during the month.

And at the end of the month, on the very last day, I wore a restyle that had not been started until that week.

The Candidate

Brown linen flirty skirt with raw edge detailing.  Very hippie, down to the drawstring waist.  Only problem? That waist was not fitting me anytime ever again (if it ever really did fit me back in the day.)
What to do, what to do?  Zipper is the obvious solution.

Step One

Inserted a big zipper in the back--exposed, to keep the young, flirty vibe.  Stabilized with a little interfacing, since everything is on the bias in this skirt.

And... I wore it like that! 
Waistband is still sitting on the sewing table, waiting for a solution.  Need to reattach it, to mitigate the whole stretchy-bias issue.  But it's got a drawstring in it, which is obviously no longer needed.  And it is now too short, as there is a zipper opening to contend with.  So I'm back to the "what to do, what to do?" dilemma.  And here I sit.

But it was a win for the final day of Me-Made May; I was wearing that cute brown skirt.  Rescued from the mending pile.

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