Thursday, June 25, 2015

T-minus 4 Days

Sweetie is getting ready for a big trip.  Plane takes off 4 days from now.  And she's all packed already!

Pre-packing--last week! Making sure all clothing was washed, patched, and would fit in the duffel

Maybe you aren't astounded by this level of preparedness, but I am flabergasted.  Granted, she will be gone more than a week.  And she's leaving the country.  And lots of specialty and technical equipment is involved.  But still... how???

About 2 weeks ago the technical bits were getting checked & prepped
I need to take note of this process, because I, too, am traveling in the coming month--a week-long trip that involves me transporting several boxes and bins to different places.  No opportunity to "just pick up another one at WalMart" if I forget something important--and lots of important is in the bins.

  • It's really never too early to start getting ready (that extra bedroom holds pre-pack items very nicely)
  • Packing checklists are helpful--especially if you actually check the items on the list
  • Once you are done packing, you can relax until it's time to leave for your trip
  • Murphy's Law operates less maliciously for those who plan ahead

Bon Voyage, Sweetie!! I promise to get ready for my trip before the last possible minute.

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