Thursday, June 5, 2014

Here Comes the Sun

Finished the May step of my Relaxing Robin at a mini-retrreat, and I am so pleased!

If you recall, the May step was

5. using some of the fabric in the first border make another border of your choice

first border seems so long ago...

I chose to feature the pink flannel as the background for a pieced sun.  The inspiration was a pattern I received at quilting retreat in January.

Just enlarged it a bit, and made the sun's rays out of a taffeta instead of flannel.

Oh, and they're dimensional rays.  I really love dimension in quilts.

I had intended to piece the stars, but ended up just going with fused applique.  They aren't actually fused down yet, because I am waiting to see where they look best with the side borders.

Scrap of bright pink flannel demanded to become a star

What's next?
Did some thinking about what I wanted to add on the sides and bottom.  So many ideas. 

Sketches.  Consulting of magazines, books, patterns, blogs. 

Ooh, an ADD adventure of possibilities!

June's step is

6. make a border that has squares in it; 4 patch, checkerboards etc would be welcome here. again have fun

I am still undecided on what those squares might entail.  My quilt is approaching twin size, so I'm almost out of room.  In fact, when I checked the dimensions, I really only have about 6" more to add to each side.  Not quite enough room to play with some of my wilder design ideas.  Plus, it's getting so busy that I don't want to make it into a giant mess.  (I have done that before; it's not pretty.)

So, I have the competing desires of "use up those flannel scraps" and "make something pretty".  Heavens! This open-ended idea stage may have to marinate a bit...

Linking up with the Relaxing Robin folk over at Sew You Quilt 2.  I just love seeing everyone's progress, ideas, and interpretations.


  1. love it! you could always put those ideas into a second round robin to use up the scraps.......OR use them creatively on the back.......
    just sayin

    I know my next step for the squares is a huge undertaking but I started it and will see where it will lead. I like the idea of a 9 patch 9 patch wide border to use more colors and keep maybe dark blue and black as the darks. more playing to see how it all works out. loving the process and seeing them all.

  2. wouldnt mini squares that mimic the center square be awesome? oh the possibilities.