Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cutest Baby Book *Ever*

I am, of course, biased.  But when I saw this baby book pattern over on Spoonflower, I was just waiting for the proper baby to come along to be the recipient.

No grandchildren (yet).  Where to find the proper baby?  Enter Monkey (her nickname, not her actual name).  The family logo on their minivan features Star Trek characters.  I think the family pet is on there as a Tribble...


Monkey's bedroom is decorated in Star-Wars-and-Winnie-the-Pooh.  (Featuring artwork by James Hance.)


Yay!  Perfect combo of nerdy-geek-baby to bestow this present upon.


Product Review: sew-it-yourself baby book from Spoonflower

What you receive: fat quarter of basic combed cotton (or optional Kona cotton)

Extra items needed to complete the book: basic sewing supplies; optional closure notions (hook-and-loop, button, or snap)

Ease of assembly: all the directions are printed on the fabric, seam allowances are marked, and diagrams are easy enough for someone with basic sewing experience to follow.

Finished product: I was most interested in this book both because of its nerdy theme, but also because of the flaps, as I am a big fan of interactive elements in children's books.  I did not particularly like the way the flaps were meant to attach to the book (but hey, it's a book for a child, not for a perfectionista like me).  I ended up improvising embroidery to attach some of them.  Everyone who has seen it has given the sewn-together book a big thumbs up.

Improvements?  If I were making this again, I would perhaps choose the Kona cotton as the base fabric.  (I have been spoiled by quilt shop fabrics, so the quality of the basic combed cotton was an affront to my sewing machine.)  Also, I would use interfacing, and maybe even some quilt batting.  I might try and make the flaps with topstitched zigzag stitching, so those tiny bits didn't need seam allowances tucked inside.

Mostly, I just wish there were more pages, so the cuteness could go on a little longer...

I think Monkey will like her present.  I think Monkey's parents will love her present more!

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