Monday, September 23, 2013

Xmas in July...August...September...

Drat, the calendar moved past August before I could complete this posting...

Ok, I am all set to go: Christmas sewing project.  Won't post too much about it, as some of my blog readers are family members who will be getting said home-sewn gifts.  But they all know already that I am sewing aprons.

Have had this plan for sewing gift aprons for many years.  Have a unique twist, and a reason these aprons will be loved and cherished.  But, why now?

Thrift sale find
Well, I found a slew of identical aprons on sale in a thrift shop.  $1 each.  Done!  I knew this was a sign that this is the year I need to make this project a reality.

The aprons were an advertising item for a company, so they have a large logo on the front.  No problem, I have a solution for that issue.  Also, the neck strap and waist ties are a little skimpy.  I have a fix for that, too.

Taking apart the aprons to add personal touches

Removing the existing pocket and bias-binding straps will allow me to personalize each apron to match the taste and decor of the family member who will be receiving it.

Apron neck strap plan

So excited to get going on this!  I must finish in a reasonable amount of time, however, because I refuse to be sewing on December 24th.  I learned my lesson last year:

no last-minute holiday sewing = less stress and happier me!

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