Sunday, September 22, 2013

Somebody Stop Me

Dizzy and giddy with my new fabric
Argh, I bought more fabric. 

After months and months when I sewed almost nothing.  Just little bits and pieces--doll clothing, for goodness sake!  I have been completely unable to resist the pull of purchasing new fabric on my last two outings, regardless of the fact that I have boxes and boxes of fabric yardage, bins of fat quarters and color-sorted scraps.  And, no real plans to use up a lot of fabric in the near future.

What am I collecting all this fabric for?

 Well, to be honest, I am floating a bit between projects.  The t-shirt quilt is winding down.  Other projects have largely lost their luster.  And that stage--casting about for the next thing that will envelop my fabric-attention-span, feeling creatively unfettered--is always dangerous for fabric purchases. 

Anything feels possible.  New ideas are given a grand reception in the lobby of my mind.  I am able to ignore all the almost-complete WIPs and nearly-forgotten UFOs because there is something wonderful that is new and shiny just around the next corner.

But it was on sale!
I did give myself a stern talking to on the way home from the quilt shop.  Yes, the fabric I purchased was on sale.  Yes, I have the potential to use some of it for upcoming Christmas sewing.  Yes, I have learned to be more cautious about not buying random showcase prints, and I gravitate much more toward things that are vaguely neutral, tone-on-tone, or will play well with many other fabrics I already own.  But really, how much fabric does one woman need?  (Especially one who sews as little as I do?)

I got rid of lots of fabric last summer at the Quilter's Yard Sale.  I am in danger of replacing that fabric with these new purchases.

Argh, somebody stop me before I buy again.


Can I possibly use up a significant amount of fabric in 2014?  What would be a reasonable amount to aim for?  Initially, I thought that I could set a goal of using 100 yards.  That would certainly make a dent in my stash.  But realistic?  100  yards of fabric is a bit more than 8 yards a month.  Yikes!  I'm not that sort of seamstress/quilter.  (Plus, I have a wedding in 2014 that will usurp quite a bit of my time.)  Of course, Sweetie helpfully pointed out that I can find other ways to get rid of fabric besides just using it in sewing projects.  Horrors, what sort of suggestion is this?  Didn't I just do this at the Yard Sale?

Bother, I am some sort of fabric addict.  I might as well admit that I am powerless when it comes to regulating my own purchasing of fabric.  I might need an intervention...

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