Friday, September 27, 2013

Rainbow bag idea

Was sorting thru photos I took over the summer and came across this picture I snapped in a student-friendly store near Duke University

The bag on the left is made out of strips of t-shirt that were stitched together with exposed serged seams.  It is fully lined with a woven material, so the stretchiness of the knits won't be a factor in the integrity of the bag.  Also, the strap is woven (and lined).

I have a rainbow of partially cut-up t-shirts hanging around!.. But alas, no plans to do this with them.  Yet.

Think I'll hang onto this idea for later. 

(And yes, for the record, I also adore the plaid bag on the right with the large exterior pockets--could they be made in a competing plaid?--and big chunky buttons.)

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