Monday, February 13, 2012

Tutorial: fleece "blankie" shoulder wrap

My UFO/stashbuster project for January was to use up some of my volumes of polar-type fleece (courtesy of a gluttonous JoAnn's trip), and pass along a good deed.  (I received a smile card from the drama folks at the high school, who put on the play Bang, Bang You're Dead and wanted to keep up the anti-bullying sentiment by spurring other acts of kindness.)

A small-ish blanket is slashed along one side, so it can be worn around the shoulders like a wrap.  I have one in my classroom, a classroom blankie, that is available for students who are cold.  One of the high school teachers has borrowed it on occasion when she has been particularly cold.  Aha!  An idea was born...

Materials needed:
  • 1 1/3 yards of polar-type fleece (58-60" wide)
  • coordinating thread
  • 3" of grosgrain or other woven, sturdy ribbon/trim (for a hang-up hook)

Cutting directions:

Cut off the selvage edges of the fleece (leaving it at least 55" wide), and straighten it up to 48" in length.
Fold the fabric in half and slice 24" (halfway) along the width.
 Use a round lid, bowl, or plate (I used a salad plate) to round off the corners; there are the four corners of the original rectangle, and the new corners along the front opening.

For reinforcement, I sew a narrow zig-zag stitch along the opening where the blanket will go around the neck.

I also have sewn a short section of cotton grosgrain-type ribbon along the back neck area, so the blankie can be hung on a hook in my classroom (this step is optional).

I have been waiting to add a picture of the recipients wearing their blankies, but a week has gone by and I haven't gotten to it.  Better to post now than keep waiting on my ability to get two teachers, two blanket-wraps and a camera together in the same room.

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