Monday, February 20, 2012

Buck-a-block: February pattern

It's the six-month point for Buck-a-Block.  Can't believe that I'm halfway through a year of stitching individual blocks (where does the time go?)  Baby steps, baby steps will lead me to something beautiful.

This month's pattern is called Jackknife, from The Farmer's Wife.

I really like the blue fabric this month.  My initial thought was to use that fabric in a blue colorway version of this block.  But the center of this block is a 4" square of background fabric.  And I'm just not so excited to use my background (a Thimbleberries cloud print) like that.

So I audition fabrics in the red/black/pink alternate colorway.
I couldn't stand the red fabric this month.  But I have a leftover red from other months.  What would this block look like with a black background?  (Now that I see the picture, I'm thinking the pink rose would feature nicely as a background in the center block; always room to rethink my fabric choices.)

This more expected coloring would have pink background, black "star", and red accents.  I have used both of the pinks here in other BOTM blocks, but I don't think I have enough of the 1930's reproduction print to make it my single background choice.  (And, if I'm going to plan for a different fabric for the center of the block, why not make it in the blue colorway I initially rejected?)

Is it any surprise that choosing fabric is pretty much my favorite part of the whole process?  Now... which colors will I choose?  Stay tuned...

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