Tuesday, September 6, 2011

That #@$!!%# ToDo List

Had a heartfelt conversation last night over the pronouncement, "Well, I didn't get very much accomplished today."  Sweetie went over the list of things she felt she accomplished, and how it still felt like a relaxing day around the house, a perfectly un-laborious Labor Day.  All-in-all, a good day.  For her.  And while I agreed with her "list" of accomplishments, I felt a nagging sense that I personally didn't get much done--at least as far as my ToDo list was concerned.

So, the reality check.  Here is the ToDo list, as written Saturday morning (and intended for a 3-day weekend)
Items crossed off in red were done Saturday or Sunday.  Items crossed off in black were done Sunday evening or Monday.  There were 44 items on the list.  According to a previously-stated List Philosophy, one should expect to accomplish only half of the items on any one given ToDo list.  Well, there are 28 items crossed off that list!  Isn't that "success"?  Shouldn't I be patting myself on the back?  And aren't there a significant number of those 28 items crossed off in black, indicating I did many of them on the day I claimed to "not accomplish much"?

One of the big reasons I started this blog was to keep track of my completions.  To celebrate my accomplishments.  To bask in moments.  To take time to remember that, underneath the daily grind, I am fabulous.

Of course I didn't get everything accomplished off that list.  So what if I didn't get to some "important" things?  It was a holiday, for goodness sake.  I took time to breathe and enjoy my life. 

Good enough.

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