Thursday, September 22, 2011

My first BOTM: buck-a-block

I joined a Block-of-the-Month quilt project through my local quilt shop, Something to Crow About.  I have been intrigued by some of the designs they offer (especially the adorable house-themed project, House Hunting, shown here), but always have so many projects in the works (WIP) that it seems unfair to start something new.  Well, The Crow came out with a "buck-a-block" BOTM, and I couldn't resist the bargain.  Deal is, you have to show up on the designated Saturday, at the designated time, with the previous month's block completed in order to receive the next block for $1; otherwise, the price goes up.  We'll see how many months I make it to the shop on time.  (And also how many months I manage to complete a single quilt block in 30 days' time.  I know it sounds simple to make one quilt block, but my life gets complicated sometimes...)

So here is the first month's block pattern: Morning (from the book The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt).  The colorway shown is Americana - and I'm sure the fabric is Thimbleberries, or something like it.  This particular BOTM was available in 3 different colorways - Americana, Civil War reproductions, and 1930's reproductions.  And, although I am really drawn to 1930's reproduction fabrics, I am currently working on another quilt out of them.  How could I possibly work on 2 quilts out of the same fabrics at the same time?  Couldn't do it.  So I signed up for the red/cream/blue fabrics...

Truth is, I don't love Americana.  I have made a red/white/blue quilt.  One.  Been there, done that.  But I now have some fabric that I don't love, and a block pattern to make up in one month's time.

Auditions!!  Fabric auditions were held to replace the red and cream.  I want to make blue blocks (maybe for a baby quilt for a relative who is expecting).
First step: choose the "white" value.  This will be my lightest value on all the blocks in this BOTM (the rest of the blues will be scrappy).  Although I love the white (and turquoise) barbed wire print, I think the white is too harsh against the cream stars on the navy fabric.  And I know the rest of the blue fabrics I get in my kit each month will also be more muddy and cream-based.  So I went with the cream cloud print (also a Thimbleberries fabric).

The blue cloud print clashes with the cream cloud print here 
I can't decide...
I am still deciding between the turquoise stars and the light blue flower print.  Stay tuned to see which one wins.

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