Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oldest UFO: gone...

I started this project in high school. (High school!  My youngest child graduated from high school just this month.)  In Ms. Bennett's art class.  I made batik roses and leaves on china silk.  I hand quilted it, way back when, intending it to be part of a quilted dress jacket (and when did *that* look go out of style?).  And so it has remained.  All these years.

About 5 years ago I started a companion piece of quilted silk, hoping to make a wall hanging.  It was to be a gift for a colleague that was leaving.  He left.  Two years later he returned.  No gift was ever completed.  Sigh.
Why do I hang onto things so long?  At some point, I lost all interest in making anything out of this.  But I was unwilling to give it to just anyone: it had to go to a loving home.  And so it has.  Farewell, batik quilted silk.  I hope to hear from your new owner what fabulous new life you have taken on.

Is this the oldest UFO ever?  Do you have something older?  (It doesn't count if you are not the original owner/creator.)

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