Monday, June 27, 2011

County Fair here I come...

Just did my online entries for the Lane County Fair.  Fair is not until August, and I entered four items.  Here's my not-so-secret confession: only one of those items is finished as we speak.  I use the Fair deadline as a way to motivate myself to finish sewing projects, and it usually works.  My problem every year is that I have so many works in progress (WIP's), as well as so many creative ideas for new projects, that it is nearly impossible for me to narrow my focus.  Well, I have announced my narrowed focus: those three new projects, which need to be delivered for judging by August 5th.
Just to show off a bit, this is an entry from last year's Fair: a two-piece square dance dress from a not-too-loud flamingo and palm tree print.  Surprisingly, it won a blue ribbon.  Oh, how I covet those ribbons!  (And feel silly for getting so excited about them.)
So stay tuned for sewing updates as I get to work on those 3 promised projects.  Sneak peek: two of them are being made from my old wedding dress!

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