Thursday, February 18, 2016

Oakie's "Luggage"

Third finish of 2016: Oakie the travel penguin now has a bag to hold all his outfits and accessories!

This is the Sew Together Bag, slightly modified.  I removed the center zippered pocket to leave a large open space.
Top: modified; bottom: unaltered pattern
Initially, I thought Oakie could travel in the center compartment, but I was wrong...

Snug as a penguin in a pouch

Not that he didn't fit, but his clothing needed more room.

This guy has more of a wardrobe than I do! Visible in the photo: teddy bear, new Christmas hat and ugly Christmas sweater, sombrero from Mexico, visor & board shorts.  Yep, this is one well-appointed penguin, no matter the occasion.

A lad and his luggage... contented sigh.

Stash report: entire bag was made with scraps and stash; according to the pattern, almost a yard of fabric gets used up in this beauty.

[Credit for Oakie's new Minion hat goes to my talented sister--wish she had a blog for me to link to]

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