Monday, September 24, 2018

Sewing for Quilt Market

In the flurry leading up to Quilt Market in Portland this past May, I did a bit of sewing--trying to decorate the booth for the Japanese fabric lines that I peddle (just one of my many part-time gigs).

Here's what got done!

1.  Reversible apron
Both a brand thing--"Hi, we sell Japanese fabrics here!"--as well as a practical issue--pockets!  I made this apron from a panel (currently in stock: tell your local quilt shop to order a bolt :)

2.  Tissue box covers
What does the enterprising salesperson do with sample swatches that are no longer needed?  Why, make something cute and clever (and useful! if I do say so myself).  Whipped these two up in a trice: traditional Japanese motifs on one, and the ever-so-cute contemporary Japanese designs on the other.  The fabrics are backed with scraps of fusible fleece, to give them some body.
I think I will add interfacing/fleece to my next tissue box project; I have made several, but have not thought to make them more sturdy.

3.  Upcycled jeans skirt
I wanted to play with double gauze material, but didn't have a lot of time to stitch something up that would look "professional".  I had seen some versions of an upcycle--attaching basically a long ruffle onto a pair of jeans, and decided to give it a go.  When I cut the jeans off at bottom of the zipper in the front, it did hack off a bit of the back pocket (unlike the YouTube video I linked), but I think this was absolutely the correct place to cut.  And, if you haven't tried double gauze yet, you simply must.  (Umm, get the good stuff, not the Shannon brand--sorry, Embrace.)

This skirt is like wearing secret pajamas!

4.  Hawaiian tote bag
This finish deserves its own post, but if I don't get to that anytime soon, here is at least a picture.  Made from scraps of Hawaiian print fabrics (a souvenir from last year's vacation visit to a swap meet).  This is one of my favorite tote bag patterns, and the exterior pocket is perfect for showing off a sashiko stitchery.  Conveniently, the stitchery was Hawaiian-themed as well. 

So that's some quick-stitch I got done in May.  Next Quilt Market is in November, and I've already started sewing for the booth.  Fortunately, most of my makes come back to me and get used & loved.

Finally, no mention of Quilt Market would be complete without a gratuitous picture of Oakie.  He has been my faithful traveling penguin companion on many quilt-y adventures of late.  Here he is with Lucy, a traveling doggie companion who had come all the way from Japan to visit Market.  They are totally upstaging the blue-footed booby and puffin fabrics that were supposed to be the stars of this corner of the booth...


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