Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Who Do I Blog For?

It occurs to me that blogging has not happened lately.  I apologize if any of my regular readers have missed this. I've been writing in my journal--not regularly, don't think I'm "cheating" by putting all of my thoughts in writing elsewhere--but I think this places some of my blogging energy on paper, rather than the digital sphere.

What I have not done is replace my blog with an Instagram feed of things I am working on.  Even if I manage to post some fabricky porn on Instagram, it will never fill my need to process and share via the written word.  That's kinda always been my thing; not gonna change that mode as long as I have the ability to write...

So, I'm pondering again who it is that I blog for: is it just for me?  Do I want lots of followers?  Will better blogging lead me to fame and fortune as a small business person?  (If my small business dreams ever get out of the micro-business realm.)  And overall--if I have all these ideas for blog posts floating around in my head (and I DO), why can't I just stick to some sort of schedule and release them into the world like a normal blogger?

Things I have read lately about blogging

Inspire to Thrive: surefire ways to succeed in social media
Just read a piece from them on why your business needs a Facebook page (um, can't say I'll get right on that, but it's probably a good idea I will want to implement. Soon, maybe.)
Coincidentally, the most recent post is titled "What Happened to Blogging and Having a Great Blog?"

Basic Blog Tips: helping you build a better blog
Just their post headlines make me want to read more "what's a landing page and why should I make one for my blog" "why your email open rates have taken a nosedive" "using comments to boost your own blog's traffic"

But then again, I ask myself if my purpose is to build a great blog, or just be my messy, authentic self online.  Who has time to curate their persona?  Not me, obviously; I can't even write a blog post every week.

Thoughts?  Authenticity vs. branding?  And how often should I push myself to Just Post Something (Anything) Already?!

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  1. Consistency is so hard. I really like Blog Clarity (http://www.blogclarity.com) if you're looking for more blog tips. She's got a course called Content Brew about planning content which I enjoyed. I still need to make the time to implement all I've learned. :-} Best wishes deciding what the best fit is for you and blogging.