Saturday, July 30, 2016

Bookmarking my Brain

Well, I've got lots of windows open on the computer again.  ADD = attraction to new & shiny, apparently.  So, as I did last time this happened, I'm dumping it all here.  Apologies to any who are not interested--there's more fabricky goodness coming soon.

A Body Double Helps you Zip Through Paperwork
Found on the Totally ADD Blog, a guest post by Linda Walker.

Pattern page for designer Laura Heine.  She is owner/founder of Fiberworks, and her collage quilt patterns are *AMAZING*.  First saw one of her designs at a quilt guild's Show and Tell and I had to go look her up that minute.

An amazing series of posts by Felicia at The Craft Sessions called Stash Less.  I read through the whole thing (I think it's 17 posts on this topic).  I kept this tab open because I wanted to write a blog post about how her ideas and her journey inspired me.

The Renfrew knit top by Sewaholic Patterns.  So many folks in one of my Facebook groups were making this, and it was so darn cute!  Why haven't I bought the pattern yet?  Oh right, I hardly sew garments...

Fitting Fundamentals for Sewers, a Craftsy guide.  It's FREE!  This is me, dreaming of sewing more garments.

Hunter's Star quilt tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company's blog.  I know I want to make one of these, but I'm sure I won't follow their particular tutorial.  Despite Jenny Doan's awesome video tutorials, their version uses layer cake pre-cuts, and I want to use Thangles.

Peppermint Magazine - a print magazine about style, sustainability, and substance.

Hampton's Beach Bag free knitting pattern/tutorial from Joann's. This window's been open for over a month (how often do I reboot my computer? now you know)  I think I wanted to make it out of strips of fabric, instead of yarn.  But it's been so long since I even looked at this link that I have forgotten.  Gosh, what good is that?

30 Photography Magazines Worth Subscribing To.  It's a list from 2010, so don't know how many of these magazines are still in print.

Does this count as decluttering my brain?  Or even my computer's memory?

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