Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Annotated Bookmarks

ADD post.  Apologies to those who are easily distracted--this is a dump from my very own distracted brain.

I was having trouble with slowness on my computer, and battery life on my phone.  Umm, yeah. Apparently, having a dozen webpages open at a time will do that.  So here is my list: Bookmarks that are currently open on my phone and my computer

Saw these awesome shoes on a customer in line at the store; asked him about them, and he proceeded to sing their praises.

Lifestyle blog that I occasionally peruse.  Can't I just set a bookmark for that?  Or better yet, put it in my own feed of blog posts that regularly come before my eyes? 

The Momentum Optimization Project List (They're rules, not guidelines)
Another blog.  I want to go and read all her posts on "Momentum Optimization", since I seem to be battling the same motivation/get-going-already issues she talks about in this post.  Also, I think some of her ideas, maybe not from this particular post, but on this theme, have gone viral.
The blog is narrowbackslacker.com

White America's racial illiteracy: Why our national conversation is poisoned from the start
april 10, 2015 post by Dr. Robin DiAngelo, the good men project

Not even sure how useful this is...

A design blog about "living a stylish life and transforming the so-so".  Again, how useful is this link?  (And why do I collect useless information?  Oh wait: new & shiny.)

vintagerevivals.com Tagline: "fearless DIY"
I think this was me trying to get our large blank walls filled inexpensively and yet stylishly.  A post on upcycling thrift store art looks useful.



google search: house hunting quilt pattern
Every now and then I get the itch to make this quilt; BOTM from 2010 maybe?

A progressive exercise regime from Redbook Magazine
21 days to "Get in the Best Shape of Your Life"  I just love promises like that one!

Climbing Monkeys Winery
Want to take Sweetie there sometime; but you have to make a reservation because they don't have regular hours, just by appointment

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  1. I can relate. This is how our computers look like everyday and we wonder why Firefox crashes at times. Somehow my daughter is able to look at Pinterest, have Facebook open all the while writing a college term paper. lol I wrote a blog post that was close to 1800 words called Inside This Quilters Mind: Making Lists, Quilting Obsession. It was in response to why I can not usually go to bed at 9 PM? That made me think of all your bookmarks. I love your Technicolor Star quilt.