Monday, August 31, 2015

Fear of FMQ

I've been following the stashbusting sew-along all year, without really participating in the "sew along" part of things. But August's theme really grabbed me: face your fears.

I realized that fear had been holding me back. No garment sewing had taken place because of fear of cutting into those special fabrics. You know, the stashed fabrics that I have held onto for so long, just waiting for perfect to happen: perfect pattern, perfect fit, perfect execution of some tricky sewing detail (like welt pockets, or an invisible zipper, or a curved dart, etc.)
But the stashbusting community was behind me this month. We were all gonna face our fears together! A garment was finally gonna come together in 2015.
Only thing is, I told myself I had to finish the quilting on a little ol' wallhanging before I could start something new (like a garment). And guess what? Fear had been holding me back from finishing that, too!

I didn't even realize... Didn't acknowledge to myself that I was procrastinating on the quilting--I just knew it wasn't getting done in a timely manner.

Followed the mantra

Practice session: ewww
Dived into a bit of FMQ (Free Motion Quilting--last seen publicly in this post from 2012).

Does it look like bubbles? Or sea foam?
And the quilting is DONE. Fear faced.

Not afraid of a close-up: perfect in its imperfections
Not perfect by any means, but it beats the heck outta hiding in a paper sack for another year or more. Win!

Now, can some elves come over and whip up a binding for this one so I can count the stash that was used? So very close to done done.

Thank you to all the Stashbusting Sewalong followers on The Facebook!  Seeing your work has really encouraged me.


  1. {{{{{applause}}}}}}
    Plus a pat on the back!

    1. Gawsh, Dwynn, thank you so much!! You are an awesome cheerleader.
      I keep looking at it in wonder: did I really do that? What is stopping me from using some FMQ on those other UFO's?