Sunday, July 12, 2015

Circling the Stash

Circles.  They have been going round in my head recently (pun intended)--but I reserve that blog post for another day.

"Boule" 2008 vintage

So, with the knowledge that I've been circle crazed lately, lookee what I found!  Gold bolt end tells you it's Alexander Henry.  Price told me it's an older fabric.  And a customer at the shop said, "When you find an Alexander Henry that you love, buy it!  Because you won't find it again."

Well, what could I do but start shopping for coordinating fabrics?  I do follow orders well (it's those 10 years in the Navy).  Here is the advantage of working in a quilt shop... auditions!

The teal group, left to right:
  • Clothworks, Hey Cupcake, Sky
  • Studio e, Just color, Slate
  • Felicity Miller, Charleston Farmhouse, Dahlia Leaf

The chartreuse group, left to right:
  • Timeless Treasures, Fun, Citron
  • In the Beginning, Painted Summer, Color 2
  • Joel Dewberry, Bungalow, Empress

The brown group, left to right:
  • RJR, Pomare, 0668
  • Kaufman, Quilter's Burlap, Cocoa
  • Free Spirit, Lilliput Fields, Ancient

The cream/tan/ecru group, left to right:

  • Timeless Treasures, Sand Wave, Cream
  • Kaufman, Doe, Natural
  • Quilting Treasures, Studio 8, Soho

Late addition: the only gray I liked was Quilter's Burlap, from Kaufman

WAIT!!!  What am I doing?  I see this ONE fabric that I adore (the circles, the circles!) and suddenly I'm ready to buy enough fabrics to make a whole quilt--with no pattern, no plan, no room in my already-stuffed UFO/WIP black hole for another project to come in and take over.  Aack: ADD = low impulse control (betcha didn't know that they were related, but they are).

The voice of reason prevailed.  I bought one yard of the Alexander Henry (instead of the 5 yards that I envisioned--go big or go home), and left the other fabrics safely on their bolts, in the shop, where they belong.

But I felt so guilty about where my inner hoarder was taking me, that I had to come home and de-stash in order to feel better about myself.

There: 5 1/2 yards of unloved fabrics  I could save them for bag linings, or muslins, or rag rugs... Or I could donate them to the children's charity quilt bin run by EBHQ, and they could be used.  And LOVED.  I really think the Universe wants them to be loved.

(Plus, my goal of using up or donating 100 yards of fabric in 2015.  There's that, too.)

Molli Sparkles

Following in the footsteps of Jen at A Quarter Inch from the Edge, I am linking up with Molli Sparkles over at Sunday Stash--to crow about both my acquisitions and my de-acquisitions.

I don't do enough quantity sewing to use up those 100 yards by myself.  How big is your stash?


  1. LOL... oh, I feel so much better after reading your thoughts when finding a fabric you love. I immediately kick into the same pattern - right down to the "go big or go home". Thankfully, most of the time I can restrain myself, but what a relief to know I'm not alone.
    Love your plans for the year - I need to do the same thing because I know there are some less loved fabrics tucked into my stash that need to go to a home where they will be loved (aka used ;o).

  2. Enjoyed hearing about your self-control. Good for you! 100 yds. to destash is quite a lofty goal but very admirable. I think even 10 yds. out of stash would make me feel good. I've never estimated how many yards I have - too afraid~