Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stitch Modern: my Pinterest

I attended the Stitch Modern Quilt Show this weekend--a local showing of quilts by members of the East Bay Modern Quilters.

So many gorgeous ideas!  Such lovely fabrics, designs, styles of quilting!!

Sun Shine by Sharona Fischrup of New Pieces Quilt Store.  A favorite for showing what can be done with a panel. (And this panel, in turn, was designed from a finished quilt--oh, it's all so delicious.)

My very favorite quilt in the show: Crossroads "15" by Sue Mary Fox of Textile Dream Studio.  Why is it my fave? Color (both bright and neutral), use of negative space, geometric quilting, the fact that necktie fabrics and a ruined dress were included in the piecing.  Yummy.

I mentioned to the hall hostess, as I was gleefully taking pictures, that I hardly needed more ideas in my life; she asked if I used Pinterest for ideas.  Ha!  Pinterest--a deadly place for those with ADD, those who are easily overwhelmed by too much input.

No, friends, this is my Pinterest.  This blog is my place to store ideas that have found me.  I need not go out looking on the Interwebs for more ideas--being drawn down the rabbit's hole of ever more, ever so much more.  Here's what I saw that I liked best:

Use of Quilting

Orange is the New Purple by Claire Sherman

Moonshadows Pillow Cover by Ann Haley

Biased Opinion by Pati Fried

Use of Scraps

Wavelengths by (improv quilting bee members)

Block/Row Design

fabric choice + block design

improv bee contribution

blocks + quilting = magical

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